Some Poems, Old and New

It’s been a while since I last put a post on here… this is largely due to some family problems that I will discuss in a later post; as well as the increasingly mind-frying, time-trying, work that accompanies school and wage-labor employment; in addition to the general problems that accompany being a finite being.  I’ve got a number of things I’m working on (including the first short story that I’ll post on here), but until they are complete here is a few short poems:

Shoe Box 

I have an old shoe box filled

With all the little notes that were

Given to me by all the girls

That said they loved me

At one time or another

It’s nothing creepy, I don’t read

Them anymore. I know they

Are worthless, promissory notes

Without any promise, debts

Never intended to be repaid

I keep them in old box though,

Each one, carefully lain in a box,

Given to me with a new pair of shoes,

That I can’t fit anymore



I have some

It sticks to

My head like

Chewing gum

But I think

It’s like that

All used up


Of course we might both agree/ That a god there just be/ But about the shape of the deity/ That is where you lose me/ my mind is made existentially/ You are entrapped in prophecy/ That “will happen in this century”/ i, myself move progressively…/

Look for god unbound/ From dogmatic restraints/ Beyond good and evil/ Characterized by the beating of my growing heart/ i will not be a slave/ To the sayings of any text/ Written in a raving state/ On the walls of an ancient cave or/ Deliriously dreamed up whilst/ Wondering dehydrated through the sands/ Of a land, alive and flush with life/ In its own day