Free Writing for Fun

One of the things I enjoy doing; more so than a great many of the other activities and hobbies I have developed a taste for over the years, is writing.  I like to write about pretty much any subject matter, although I will admit I have a preference for fiction, poetry, and religion.  The careful observer will no doubt notice that my writings for the online rhetoric course offered during Bloomsburg University’s winter session do not accurately convey this passion of mine, much to my dismay.

In a previous post, I made a statement about rectifying this situation over the weekend in an effort to make up for lost time; then when the weekend came, I found myself swamped with work and unable to fulfill my stated intentions.  At the risk of further destroying my credibility, I would like to make the same commitment for the upcoming weekend, for two reasons.  First, I always complete everything that is expected of me, regardless of whether or not it is too late to be accepted as part of the graded coursework.  Secondly, I have realized over the course of the semester that I enjoy using a blog for general writing and would like to continue to use this blog after the winter session’s end, in order to develop a catalog of writing samples.

As some of my fellow classmates have said throughout the course, it is important to have both, a portfolio of writing and experience with social media applications.  I believe that a blog on WordPress can effectively accomplish both of these tasks, in addition to serving as a tool for future class projects while I am attending Bloomsburg University.  For example, I also use WordPress to view submissions and communicate with members of Bloomsburg University’s Student Literary Magazine, Warren.  I think it can be used to fulfill similar roles in upcoming creative writing courses and also for sharing work with friends and family members not enrolled in the university.

In addition to learning how to use a blog to post written work and share various types of media, we also used Google Maps in the class to create a personalized map that creates a visual argument for an idea or a specific geographic location.  Like this WordPress blog, I can imagine myself using Google Maps in the future, to post bike routes, share landmarks, and communicate experiences that occur while on the road or off.  Although there are many applications that I already use to do similar processes (such as Runtastic for instance) I like that Google Maps is available for free and that anyone can access it.  Also, I like that Google maps offers a wider range of data and is able to be used for non-athletic purposes.

In summation, I think the most useful thing I have learned, throughout the duration of the winter session, is how to effectively use technology to enhance activities that I do on a regular basis.  I look forward to bringing the session to a close and beginning the long journey through the Spring and Summer semesters with the tools that I acquired over the winter.


One thought on “Free Writing for Fun

  1. Josh,

    Thanks again for your posting. I think you have certainly done a nice job of making up for the blimp that caused you some problems earlier. I am still looking for your essay in the drop box, which is an important element so I can get comments and grades back to you. I think you are certainly capable and thoughtful when you take the time and really consider things carefully. That is the case for most students, however, if they have a strong process, usually the product that is produced has some real value.

    Indeed, as I noted earlier on another posting (I think for someone else in the class), understanding technology as a tool is important. I think I also noted that as you noted the Nintendo thing. I think you have responded well and again, thanks.

    Dr. Martin

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